The Police method.
Take the rabbit, and beat it, until it says it is an elephant.

Offered by Sergejs Roze,

Bureaucratic Method.
We make a note in the book for keeping track of caught elephants. If after this there are still doubters, we show them a completed Certificate of Caught Elephant with a stamp from the Sahara Bureau of Elephant Hunting and receipts regarding the payment of hunters and commanders with all necessary signatures.

Offered by Silanty Kr-skoj

Social custody Method.
We build a retirement home for elderly elephants. It is not difficult to get an elderly elephant from the home into a cage. Upon getting the elephant into the cage one must make sure that the elephant doesn't die from old age.

Offered by Eugene A. Kuznetsov

Special thanks to Yan Pritzker, for the help in methods translation.

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