The Paradoxical method.
Let's catch 6 elephants and free 5 of them.

Offered by Teimuraz Abashidze, tga@geocell.com.ge

The Guileful method.
Take the veneer, the hammer and go to Africa, where you should wait for an elephant in the ambush. As soon as it approaches, go out and show yourself to the elephant. When it rushes to you, put the veneer in front of you like a shield. When the elephant's tusks stick in the veneer, bend them down with the hammer. The elephant is all yours!

Offered by Yuri Varivoda, varivoda@lotus.vniigaz.gazprom.ru
Obviously, the method is taken the story "Bengal tiger" by Ostap Vishnya.

The Salesman method.
Let's take something of grey colour, put it into the cage, and say to the customers that is the elephant.

Offered by Vitaly Cooperman, vita@camtek.co.il

The Complicated Deformation method.
It is enough to project an elephant onto the sheet of paper, and then roll it up. You can even crumple it, and the elephant will not show any resistance.

Offered by Igor Shaposhnik, igor@stealthcomp.com
The elephant was crumpled by john trkoff, thanks.

Lottery Method.
Every elephant receives a lottery ticket. The prize is redeemable from the clerk in the cage. The winning elephant enters the cage, the cage is closed. Now all that remains is to remove the clerk from the cage.

Offered by Eugene A. Kuznetsov smith@lab.sun.mcst.ru

Method of Provocation.
"Well..who's going to make it to the cage faster?"

Offered by Eugene A. Kuznetsov smith@lab.sun.mcst.ru

TV method.
Place a TV in the Sahara and televise a melodrama about elephants. If too many elephants show up, we scare the extra ones off by broadcasting weather reports.

Offered by Silanty Kr-skoj silanty@dux.ru

Method of Bouridan.
On the elephant path to the water hole, we place on both sides equidistant, two stacks of hay. Elephants passing by will stop in their indecisiveness and will stay indefinitely. At this point it is simple to take the elephant with your bare hands (i.e., a tractor) or simply build a cage arond the standing elephant.

Offered by Silanty Kr-skoj silanty@dux.ru

Special thanks to Yan Pritzker, yan@airvertise.com for the help in methods translation.

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