The method of Psychologic Pressure.
Let's take the desert out of the earth's crust by activating the direct oriented explosives. The blast forse should give the body (i.e. the desert) the first space velocity. Elephant is the earth animal, and it would not like to become a satellite, so it will jump off the desert right into cage (the cage should be placed with the door upward).
  1. It may be too late when the elephant dares to jump, so at the end of its flight it could be little crumpled.
  2. The power of the explosives should be strong enought for overcoming the earth's attraction, otherwise the Sakhara desert surface will fall upon some innocent territory.

Offered by Igor Pozdeev,

The Copy method.

Let's bring two grown-up elephants of different sexes into the cage and leave them alone for some time. The result will be the third (needed) elephant in the cage

Offered by Sergey V.Ushakov,

Method of Greenery.
Elephants are used to the desert. Upon the decrease in area of the desert to the dimensions of the elephant, it is not difficult to find the elephant.

Offered by Eugene A. Kuznetsov

Method of Evolution.
A primitive method, but very long and unreliable. We take a cage and place it in the middle of the Sahara. We put inside the cage some blue-green algae. After "n" billion years, the result of the natural course of evolution is an elephant. If the desert still exists at this point, then the elephant is from the desert.

Offered by Eugene A. Kuznetsov

Shaving method.
Catch a mammoth (this problem has been solved in the past). Shave it bald.

Offered by Silanty Kr-skoj

Paleontological Method.
It is obvious that elephants have resided in the Sahara in the past. We locate and dig up remains of the old elephants and build a cage around them.

Offered by Silanty Kr-skoj

Tomatoes method.
This is a great method, based on using a bait. It is well known that elephants have red eyes because this helps them camouflage in tomato gardens. The method is trivial: buy a truckload of tomatoes, put them in a cage. The elephant immediately runs to the cage to hide in the tomato camouflage. We close the cage. The only problem is finding the elephant amongst the tomatoes.

Offered by

Special thanks to Yan Pritzker, for the help in methods translation.

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