The thermodynamics method.
We construct a semi-permeable membrane which lets everything but elephants pass through. This we drag across the desert.


The atomic fission method.
We irradiate the desert with slow neutrons. The elephant becomes radioactive and starts to disintegrate. Once the disintegration process is progressed far enough the elephant will be unable to resist.

If you're worried about this elephant...

The Dirac method.
We assert that wild elephant can ipso facto not be observed in the Sahara desert. Therefore, if there are any elephants at all in the desert, they are tame. We leave catching a tame elephant as an execise to the reader.


The Schroedinger method.
At every instant there is a non-zero probability of the elephant being in the cage. Sit and wait.


The method of Successive Optical Operations.
Let's take the binocular, tweezers, and a small box. Come to an elephant and look at him in the turned binocular. Using tweezers, pick up the elephant and put it into the box. Then go to the cage, place the box into the cage and look at the elephant in the unturned binocular. That's is.
P.S. This method could be applied for crocodile hunting.

Offered by Teimuraz Abashidze,

The Gravitonic method.
Let's cut the desert from the earth's crust by the perimeter and raise one side, putting the cage to the opposite low side. The elephant due to the law of gravity will fall into the cage.
It should be remarked that the number of elephants could be much more then one.

Offered by Igor Pozdeev,

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