Elephant from back
Original slon "Slon Hunting!" project idea was born in 23.Sep.98, in that time original sample of the elephant from "Investigation is lead by Kolobki" cartoon by "Pilot" studio was found.
The origin of the text is more mystirious: a part was accidentaly found on lost CD, a part was invented during the work and many methods were sent us after this site release. Later we found the truly original variant of the text (but about the lions) But the author remained unknown until the site visitors gave us exact info: Author is prof G.Petard from Prinston University (NJ). The first publication of his article was in "The Journal of Irreproducible Results" in 1959. It appeared in russian translation in "Physicists joke" under the title "Concerning mathematical theory of hunting".

Elephants All the elephants were drawn on the paper and then scanned. The original elephant was used only as an approximate sample of the anatomy. We created all others images except the elephant frame (from Heroes of Might&Magic II), desert texture (we havely transformed "skin texture" from Neon3D for OS/2) and sky texture (from StarOffice 3.0 for OS/2). All the work on treating images and other tasks were made under operating system OS/2 Warp 3.0 using following programs:

Animator Autodesk Animator Pro for DOS.
Drawing, editing, garbage removing.
Treating elephants, painting elephant at the grass and signs under the elephant links.

Truespectra Truespectra PhotoGraphics Pro for OS/2.
Collages, deformation, effects.
Texture binding on the main page, titles, elephants in the frames and behind the bars, elephant in the frame and without any bars, elephant in the frame from back, elephant behind the bars and without any frame, elephants without any bars and frames.

pmview PMView for OS/2.
Viewing, resizing, conversion, color operations.
Used with all the images. Cap repainting from blue to green colour.

No elephants were hurt during this site creation!

Live Elephant!

(Notice, the tongue is moving!)

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